The following work samples from Anne’s extensive portfolio are organized by theme. Where there is theme overlap, an article may appear under more than one heading.

Content Marketing

Thinking Capital – Dedicated to Helping Small Businesses Grow (Mediaplanet, September 2017)

Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: A Critical Gap in Cancer Care (appeared in Maclean’s, through Mediaplanet), September 2017

Is Your Money Mindset Working For or Against You? Tangerine Forward Thinking, July 2017

Social Innovation Needs You, and You, and You Mediaplanet, June 2017

How a Circus Act is Transforming The Corporate Retreat Experience Mediaplanet, June 2017

Is Your Pet in Pain? Mediaplanet, June 2017

Dream Payments Expansion a Dream Come True for Canadian Businesses Mediaplanet, June 2017

Should I Join a Money Club? Tangerine Forward Thinking, May 2017

How people in their twenties can build a good credit history Tangerine Forward Thinking, February 2017

Starting Over at 56 Tangerine Forward Thinking, December 2016

If I were 20-something today – spending lessons from a baby boomer nearing retirement Tangerine Forward Thinking, November 2016

Why it’s important to talk about money with friends Tangerine Forward Thinking, October 2016

How to build a resilient investment portfolio Tangerine Forward Thinking, August 2016

Professional investors are moving to cash. Does that mean you should too? Tangerine Forward Thinking, June 2016

Keeping your credit card safe Tangerine Forward Thinking, January 2016 (pour voir l’article en francais, cliquez ici)


Accounting / Financial / Investing

Opportunities Exist in Alternative Energy Investor’s Digest, January 2007

Goal is Ethical Earnings Investor’s Digest, April 2005

Renewable Energy Stocks Investor’s Digest, March 2005

To Trust or not to Trust Investor’s Digest, February 2005

Making the List Advocis FORUM, December 2004

Canadian Sector Funds Investor’s Digest, October 2004

Canadian Diamond Stocks Investor’s Digest, September 2004

Disruptive Technology Investor’s Digest, April 2004

An Electrifying Possibility Investor’s Digest, September 2004

Accounting for Knowledge CMA Management, March 2004

Blackout’s Fallout Investor’s Digest, September 2003

Tax Smarts Advocis FORUM, March 2003

Scoring a Different Kind of Goal The Toronto Star, September 15, 2002

Beyond the GAAP CMA Management, July 2002

Fix System Before Enron Happens Here: Stromberg The Toronto Star, April 20, 2002

The Changing Face of Advice Advocis FORUM, April 2002

Human Resources Management / Careers


Disciplined Vision CMA Management, August/September 2005

The A-Z Guide to Soul Inspiring Leadership by Carol-Ann Hamilton and James Norrie Advocis FORUM (book review) May 2005

Culture Change and Organic Growth: Overcoming Barriers to Organizational Learning CMA Management, October 2004

Accounting for Knowledge CMA Management, March 2004

Diversity in Workforce Paying Off, IBM Finds Toronto Star, October 7, 2002

Employee Development in a Changing Organization CMA Management, February 2002

Remote Access CMA Management, May 2001

Empowering Employees: Gaining an Edge with ISO (Career Intelligence Column) CMA Management, November 2000

Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability / Innovation


Selling Green CMA Management, July August 2006

Disciplined Vision CMA Management, August/September 2005

The NEXT Sust Wave

The NEXT Sustainability Wave by Bob Willard CMA Management (book review), August/September 2005

Goal is Ethical Earnings Investor’s Digest, April 2005

Transformation The Toronto Star, March 20, 2004

Kyoto Capital CMA Management, July 2003

Final Garbage Frontier: Recycling the Dump Itself The Toronto Star, June 23, 2003

Sustainable Development and Your Portfolio Benefits Canada, December 2002

Investing with a Conscience Advocis FORUM, September 2002

Do Green Firms Mirror the Markets? The Toronto Star, June 3, 2002

Spreading the Word: Communicating Corporate Sustainable Development Initiatives CMA Management, July/August 2000

Reports and Book Chapters on Sustainability

DuPont 2002 Sustainable Growth Report                  DuPont 2002 SD Report Cover

Emerging Dimensions of Environmental Sustainability, 2004, Athabasca University (e-book) Chapter by Anne Papmehl entitled “Environmental Sustainability through Knowledge Management”

Energy and the Environment: Challenges and the Future, 2007, Athabasca University (e-book) Chapter by Anne Papmehl EnergyManagemententitled:  “Energy Conservation: the Interim Solution?”

Miscellaneous Topics

The Big Bing   The Big Bing by Stanley Bing Advocis FORUM,
(book review) May 2005

A Woman for all Seasons Advocis FORUM,
August 2002

Learning how to Learn Globe and Mail, August 2000


Risk Management and Risk Communication (Editing and Research)

In January 2017 Mental Modeling Approach: Risk Management Application Case Studies was published by Springer. The book was written by my colleagues at Decision Partners and two of our client partners at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The book presents case studies of using a qualitative research approach known as ‘mental modeling’ to deal with risk communication challenges. In addition to editing the book, I was a senior interviewer for several of these projects.