Here’s an overview of Ecostrat’s services. For more information, please contact us directly by email or phone.

Specialty Communications

Proposal Writing –  Crafting responsive proposals and research grant applications is a highly refined skill. That’s why you need someone like Anne on your team. Managing many moving parts, tracking multiple document versions and pulling it all together into a coherent, unified whole that reflects your brand messaging and meets the deadline are things that Anne does exceptionally well.

While there are no guarantees that a proposal will win you the job – that depends on too many variables – working with Anne will certainly boost your chances of a high scoring bid. With more than 10 years’ experience  working as master editor and coordinator on highly technical RFP submissions and grant applications, Anne is no stranger to complexity. She has prepared winning submissions for Canadian companies and non-profits through the formal federal, provincial and municipal procurement process. She has also managed large proposals and grant applications for U.S. federal and state opportunities and is familiar with the U.S. government procurement system.

Anne can support you in several ways, depending on your needs. She can manage the entire submission, from opportunity review, to strategic direction, writing, assembling, editing and final proofing. Or, she can support a specific task – writing certain sections, editing to ensure consistency and a unified voice, or proof the entire draft end to end prior to submission. She can also offer strategic advice on your work plan, budget and general presentation, ensuring that your bid response is well positioned to win you the contract.

Content Marketing – Branded content – content that speaks to the features and benefits of your product or service – is nothing new. What is new is its rising popularity as a marketing tool. Companies are recognizing that today’s consumers rely less on traditional advertising and more on information to make purchasing decisions. They’re looking for content that answers their questions, solves their problems and focuses on their needs – not those of the corporation.

This takes “pathologically empathetic writing”, as Ann Handley writes in her book Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content. 

Pathological empathy for the audience is a key ingredient that this Anne’s (with an “e”) content marketing writing.  Anne combines her storytelling, journalism and corporate communications skills to create customer centric content that informs, inspires and helps turn readers into customers.

Environmental and Sustainability Communications – Companies integrating sustainable practices and innovations into their business strategy understand its value to their financial performance, ability to attract and retain talent, and business resiliency. Municipalities also recognize the importance of “greening” their infrastructure development – it helps them grow while maintaining healthy ecosystems, strong economies and vibrant communities. The Insurance Sector, whose core business is risk management, sees the significance of climate change and sustainable practices from a risk perspective.  Drawing on broad subject matter expertise and rich experience in communications research consulting, business and environmental journalism and education, Anne can support you with a range of communications materials and instructional resources, including:

  • Sustainability reports
  • Stakeholder engagement materials
  • Briefing documents / position papers / fact sheets
  • Information kits / resource guides
  • Case studies
  • Risk communications materials

Other Services

Academic Editing and ProofingHelping you prepare your paper for publication by providing editing and proofing support. With her own academic background in the arts and humanities, plus  professional experience in the scientific/technical domain, Anne can edit and proof scholarly work on a range of subjects.

Case StudiesBusinesses, institutions, and individuals can have interesting stories to tell. Presenting that story in a captivating way is a challenge. Anne can help you bring that story to life.

Conference Support Need a note taker and/or someone who can give you a clean transcript of a session, roundtable discussion or workshop? With years’ experience taking notes and transcribing her own research interviews. Anne has excellent transcription skills.

Corporate Communications – Whether it’s corporate and product brochures, newsletters, web content or an annual report, Anne can work with you to develop the right messaging along with crisp and compelling copy, geared to the audience you need to reach.

Investor RelationsHaving worked in the investment industry, first as financial advisor and, later as a journalist and research consultant, Anne has a solid grasp of investor relations communications. She can help you with annual and quarterly reports, investor fact sheets, media kits and press releases.

Policy/ Procedures/Training  – Anyone who needs to interpret policy or perform a complex task needs the information presented clearly and sequentially. Get the most from your training budget by having Anne develop your employee handbooks, policy and procedures manuals and workplace training materials.

Research Consulting Anne brings ten years’ experience in qualitative research consulting, having conducted hundreds of one-on-one research interviews with diverse groups of stakeholders, on many different topics across diverse sectors and focus areas, including energy, environment, occupational health and safety, health care, financial services, education and non-profits. Anne’s research consulting services include:

  • Primary research through in-depth one-on-one research interviews with stakeholders.
  • Secondary research through academic, grey literature, popular press, business publications, online publications, etc.
  • Support in research design, questionnaire (protocol) development and reporting.
  • Research interview transcription.

Technical/Knowledge Translation –  Many decision-makers lack the background to understand complex technical/scientific information. Yet they need to understand it to make good decisions.  Anne can help bridge the gap by translating the language of the subject matter experts into plain, understandable English, free of jargon, buzzwords or clichés.