Research Strength, Stylistic Agility, Cross-Sector Experience

Based in London, Ontario (Canada), Ecostrat Communications is owned and operated by Anne Papmehl. Anne is an award-winning  writer and experienced researcher whose work covers various media, topics and styles.

She is a former academic administrator and financial advisor, who later became a freelance business journalist. During that time she wrote for several national dailies and trade publications, including The Globe and Mail, Benefits Canada, The Toronto Star, CMA Management, and Forum, the flagship publication for Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada. She also contributed a monthly column to Investor’s Digest, voted Canada’s best investment advisory newsletter. Her corporate writing  portfolio includes numerous articles, brochures and newsletters on topics ranging from benefits fraud prevention to retirement planning  More recently, Anne has been writing some blog posts for Tangerine’s Forward Thinking personal finances blog. Please click here to see samples of Anne’s work.

As a research consultant, Anne is part of an international team of scientists, engineers and management professionals specializing in advanced behavioural decision research, strategy and communications for focusing human decision making and behaviour on risk and other complex issues. She has over 10 years’ experience conducting in-depth qualitative research interviews with a range of stakeholders across multiple sectors and focus areas – energy, health care, mining, environmental sustainability and financial services. She has worked on projects dealing with: food safety, food terrorism, prescription drug safety and efficacy, occupational health and safety in the mining industry, flood risk management, municipal water safety, and strategic planning and customer engagement for several Ontario Local Distribution Companies (LDCs). A recently published book, co-authored by several of Anne’s colleagues and edited by Anne,  features a number of these projects as case studies:  Mental Modeling Approach: Risk Application Case Studies (Springer 2017).

A special interest of Anne’s is environmental sustainability – and she has contributed several popular press and peer reviewed articles to the published literature in this field.

Anne has a Master of Arts in Italian Studies from the University of Toronto. She maintains her Italian language skills through regular social gatherings with her network of Italian-speaking friends and colleagues – usually over some fine food and great wine!

Ecostrat … the name 

People often ask me about my company name. “Eco” refers to  both   “economy” and “ecology”. This reflects my personal belief that a healthy economy and healthy environment are interrelated – not mutually exclusive.  The “strat” stands for strategic, as in aligning with the strategic goals of my client. Or to put it in a more linear way:

 eco (ecology/economy) + strat (strategic) +  Communications =  ecostrat Communications

I originally conceived of my business as a niche area – specializing in environmental sustainability communications – something I still do. But over the years, I’ve developed a broad suite of communications services that allows me to be both a generalist and a specialist – if that makes any sense!