Welcome to Ecostrat… Write for the times!

Communication is essential to business success and writing is essential to business communication. Whether a brochure, symptoms fact sheet, newsletter or report, the content, messaging and style must be strategically aligned with your communications goals.

Helping you achieve your strategic communications goals

This is where Ecostrat can help. Based in London, Ontario (Canada), Ecostrat offers writing, editing and research consulting on a range of issues and topics. It is owned and operated by Anne Papmehl, an award-winning writer who takes pride her stylistic versatility, multi-disciplinary background and ability to collaborate with professionals of all ranks, industries and sectors. Simply put, Anne is a writer who can WRITE FOR THE TIMES!

Specialty areas are: energy, environment, financial services, health care and technology.

Clients: individuals, small businesses, corporations, industry associations, research consultancies, communications/public relations/public affairs agencies and all levels of government. To learn more, please see About and Services.