Welcome to Ecostrat… Write for the times!

Looking for a business writer/editor with stylistic versatility and a multi-disciplinary background who can collaborate with professionals of all ranks, industries and sectors?

Then Anne Papmehl of Ecostrat Communications is the writer for you. Simply put, Anne’s a writer who can WRITE FOR THE TIMES!

Anne has a broad topical range – energy, environment (corporate social responsibility) financial services, health care and high tech and more – and writes in diverse media and formats: print, digital, newspaper, magazine, article, blog, report and proposal.

She also has a couple of specialties…

Proposal Writing – Helping your business generate more business 

For organizations whose success depends on their ability to win proposal bids and grant applications, Anne has the know-how, experience and process to ensure a high scoring submission – while making life easier for you and your team. Learn more  about how Anne can support your proposal management needs.

Content Marketing  Telling your brand story

Consumers are relying less on advertising to make their buying decisions. Recognizing this, companies are using to content marketing to build brand awareness – sharing informative, credible and unbiased information that’s genuinely helpful to consumers.  Learn more  about how Anne can help you tell your good brand story.

If these sound like two polar-opposite activities to you, you’re right! Anne thrives on working in both the technical and creative spheres – though not necessarily at the same time!


Happy to report that a book I recently edited was published in January 2017 by Springer. Mental Modeling Approach: Risk Management Application Case Studies was written by my colleagues at Decision Partners and two of our client partners at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The book presents case studies of using a qualitative research approach known as ‘mental modeling’ to deal with risk communication challenges. In addition to editing the book, I was a senior interviewer for several of these projects. Congratulations to all the contributors!